Happy New Year! 2018 will be a fun filled year

Post for July 2018: due to the heat wave, the strawberry production is slow and we are doing all that we can to nurture the strawberries through this heat, therefore until further notice the strawberry patch will be closed.  About 1/2 of the 500 strawberries that were planted did not survive therefore we have been very busy replanting shoots from other plants to compensate.   We are hoping that the strawberry patch will be open for August.  These are ever-bearing strawberries that will give fruit into September.

There were lot’s of highlights and low lights for the year 2017.  2017 started with a bit of a somber tone in that we said goodbye to an amazing, talented quarter horse, Sundance who is now blessing another wonderful lady who dearly loves him.  Louise is the happy new owner of Sundance and the two, are a good fit!  The winter of 2016/17 was a rough one with lots of snow and to great delight, spring came early!  In the spring, 100 Seascape Strawberry plants arrived and were planted with the hopes of opening it up to the  public for upick in the summer.  The strawberry plants were absolutely amazing.  The plants blossomed and bore fruit right into October, unfortunately 100 plants were not enough to open up to the public.  In the spring of 2017, the ranch welcomed an addition to the equine family, a 12.2 H. Welsh Cob Pony named Bo Jangles.  What a wonderful asset to our riding program.  The riders had a wonderful summer with Bo and so did his owner.  Many highlights took place at Blessings at the Creek but I think one of the biggest ones to announce is that Blessings at the Creek is going Solar.  Looking forward to lower energy costs for 2018.


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Strawberry Highlight for 2018; 

So excited to tell you that 500 more Strawberry plants will soon be added to the landscape of Blessings at the Creek and please stay posted as to when the picking season begins.  This will be an all summer upick for the strawberries. 
Prices will be posted for the first week of July 2018

Strawberries are doing very well!


Raspberries:  Prices will be posted in June 2018.   It is looking like a good crop for this summer!

Sour Cherries: Prices will be posted in June 2018.  Cherries are abundant for this summer.  Due to an early season, a couple of rows of cherries are now ready for picking!  First picking date will be on June 30th, 2018.  Please call before you come.

Interesting Facts about sour cherries:  when you freeze cherries, these wonderful morsels lose no nutritional value whatsoever!  They are full of compounds that help with inflammation, antibacterial properties, supports health, eases arthritis and kills cancer cells without damaging other healthy cells and the list goes on!  check it out at this source:  http://foodfacts.mercola.com/sour-cherries.html



2018 Summer is coming up soon!


Well 2017 was a fun year and looking forward to the 2018 summer riding program!  Some highlights to celebrate for the year 2017 was the new addition to our horse family, Bo Jangles Our very cute, perky Welsh Cob Pony, 12.2 Hands high.  He has been such an amazing asset to have here at Blessings at the Creek.  The summer riders thoroughly enjoyed Bo Jangles and  I think he had a great summer as well.   I enjoy the smiles on the riders as they achieve confidence, balance and a love for riding.  In the fall of 2017, the horses were given a really nice treat.  We brought in directional drilling and now have a heated continuous flowing water trough installed in their pasture.  Also new to the barn are 3 box stalls, so in case a winter storm emerges, they can go into the safety of the barn.  A two  horse slant trailer was also purchased for the equine team.  This year an overhead door will be also be installed so that the drifts of snow stay out of the barn.  Summer riding lessons will commence the first week of July and lessons on the weekends for the months of May and June will be available as well.

Isabelle riding BoIMG_0174

U-Pick Farm – summer season of 2018 is just around the corner!

Blessings At The creek u-pick farm is registered with the Prairie Fruit Growers Association (You can click on the link to find more information).  Fruits grown are:  Raspberries, and Dwarf Sour Cherries. Vegetables such as:  potatoes, corn, and celery stalks will also be available at a later date in August.   Please check the site for information as to when the picking time begins for the month of July and August.

20160704_225638 (2)

Dwarf Sour Cherries in a 2 dry pint container is 1 litre



Lots of cherries to pick and a good size, just delicious for tarts; jam;cherry muffins or pies!


A fresh Cherry Pie, ah this is what summer is all about.  Fresh fruit to tantalize our taste buds!